Here’s where you see how I use all those tools I told you about in my list, guys! It’ll get you through to the crumbcoat (and the final coat, if you’re doing buttercream/ganache final coat), to just before fondant. Let me know if you have any questions!


A combination of chocolate and cream. That’s it. No other ingredients needed for this particular use. In different proportions, the ingredients will give you anything from stiff truffle consistency, to drippy syrup consistency for the edges of a buttercream cake. Here, we’re aiming for peanut butter consistency.

ALWAYS go by weight, not volume, when following this recipe! Remember, the better quality your ingredients, the better your ganache will be, since chocolate and cream are literally the only things in it!

For semisweet/bittersweet chocolate: Use a 2:1 chocolate:heavy cream

For milk/white chocolate: Use a 3:1 chocolate:heavy cream

Heat cream to just before boiling (I use the microwave, but stovetop is the classic method). Chop your chocolate finely, and add to hot cream, making sure it’s all submerged. Then, let it sit until the chocolate has warmed and the cream has cooled to “warm” as well. Then, whip like crazy! Immersion blenders are great for this.

Leave it at room temperature while you use it. Don’t try to cool in the fridge. Watch the video to see why. Be a good little caker and make your ganache the day before you need it, so it has pleeeeenty of time to solidify into a nice spreadable consistency like the one you see in the video. You’ll thank me for it later.