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So last year, I fell in with one of my favorite groups of people in the whole entire world. 

Mama Docs Run This (or MDRT) is composed entirely of physicians who also happen to be moms, and runners. These women are ridiculous. And I mean that in the absolute best, most intense, most supportive, most enabling, most evidence-based way possible. I freaking love them so much.

So, naturally, I thought I’d ask Eric to try his hand at designing a logo for us. And, naturally, he came up with like a dozen.

Now, a little background here … Eric does this for a living, but this particular project was a little different.  We realized right away that his regular printers/suppliers wouldn’t work, although the price would be substantially lower, because they would only run whole orders of one shirt/design at a time, and with a set number for the order. As a matter of fact, he went through a whole list of companies to try to find one that would work with the specifics we were looking for. Some of the ones that typically print on order for the public (think along the lines of CafePress or ImagineInk) had a very limited number of dry-wick options – and since this is a running group, that would absolutely not do. Some had a good variety available, but only if we purchased a minimum order (no V-necks, tank-tops, hats or long-sleeved options, and very limited fabric and color selection). 

Since the whole point of this was for you guys to be able to customize your own order, we finally went with a company that has a much larger selection, with no minimums. Eric slapped the top four logo choices on a slew of products, as well as our awesome MDRT drawing composed by nine-year-old super artist Maya Brothers. And guys – they’re AWESOME! Take a peek, change your colors, make it yours! Loads to pick from! (Sorry Lisa, no marathongs – I know you’ll be disappointed.)

And know that we are not benefiting financially in any way from your purchase of these items – but make sure to post your pics once you get your MDRT gear! 

**** Please note – the hats and visor have a custom embroidery fee, so it might be best to look elsewhere for those. In the meantime, the others shouldn’t have a setup fee.

Maya’s Design

EKG on grey

Mama Docs Run This on black



Racing Bra