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Topsy Turvy Baseball Yoga Cake

A friend of ours put on a huge birthday bash at our local baseball stadium for four other friends who were all having their birthdays within the next couple of days. The 103-degree weather and a looooong bumpy drive made me super apprehensive about embarking on my first topsy-turvy cake ever, but all’s well that…

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Smurf hat cake, smurf cake, smurfy hat cake

Smurf Hat

Love how cyclical trends are! A little friend of ours wanted a smurf birthday … she didn’t want smurfette, she wanted a smurf, but she wanted pinks and flowers and dstuff (she’s 4, and you can’t argue with a 4-year-old! 😉 ). So this is what I came up with! LOVE the carved novelty stuff!

teapot cake, tea server cake, fondant teapot, painted flowers on cake, porcelain cake

Pretty Teapot for a Pretty Girl!

My friend’s little girl turned 9 this weekend, and had a very prim and proper tea party with her little friends. Everybody dressed up, and there was much tulle and rhinestone involved in the celebration, hehe! They asked for a teapot cake, and had originally asked for a small teapot on a table to give…

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Storm Trooper Cake, Clone Wars cake, captain rex cake, phase 2 clone troop cake, clone trooper cake

Clone Trooper Cake

Storm Trooper Cake, Clone Wars cake, captain rex cake, phase 2 clone troop cake, clone trooper cake For a friend’s little boy. They’ve been living on the East Coast for for the last year, and ended up coming for his birthday on the spur of the moment. We were super happy to meet her little…

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Cars 2 Cake with Tow Mater, Lightning McQueen and Professor Zed

For my little boy’s fourth birthday! He LOVED the Cars 2 movie, so I did this with the bottom tier as Mater, the middle as Lightning McQueen and the top as Professor Z (LOVED working on him!!). My Mater (Chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling and dark ganache) completely melted in the sun,…

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Whale cake, humpback whale cake

Whale of a Cake

Made this fun cake for a friends 4-year-old’s birthday party!

Painting fondant poison dart frog cake

Snake, Chameleon, Turtle and Poison Dart Frog Cake

Eric Anthony’s cake (and party) was a hit! Bottom tier: Hot Chocolate cake (cocoa cake) with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate chip cookie dough filling. Chocolate chip cookie dough filling is one of my favorites – use just non-perishable food items. No eggs, for example. We surrounded this with Rice Krispie Treats shaped into the…

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Back to the future cake

For a friend’s hubby who adores the movie, turning 30. The quote is one of Doc Brown’s, “30 years, a nice round number” … hot cocoa cake with marshmallow mousse filling, dark chocolate ganache, and fondant panels all around. The birthday boy is a redhead, so the driver in the mini DeLorean is red-headed.  

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Fancy Nancy Cake

Here’s my little girl’s Fancy Nancy cake! The very top tier is the messy “hairdo” that Fancy Nancy always fills with butterflies and flowers and glitter and other pretty sparkly things. SO much fun to make!!!! I loved it that there was no way to overdo this cake … when my elaborate royal icing tiara…

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dragon cake, book cake, book marker, fairy tale cake, princess cake

Warrior princess dragon book cake

This was a cake for the daughter of a friend of mine. She was very specific that she did not want a frilly girly cake; she is writing a “book” (seven years old, mind you!) about a dragon warrior princess, and that was what she wanted. So I painted a picture of her onto it.…

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