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The Night Circus In Town for Anya’s 13th

If you haven’t read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, we sincerely think you should. It’s one of my favorites, and it’s one of Anya’s favorites (you know … because she has such great taste). Featuring a magical black-and-white circus, this book gave us plenty to work with for Anya’s 13th birthday this year. The…

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William’s 11th Birthday Party – Star Wars Praetorian Guard Theme

The Jedi love is strong with this one. We’ve done Star Wars for birthday parties several times over the years. The new series has just rekindled our love, and given us more fodder for party material. The fight scene with the Elite Praetorian Guards in The Last Jedi was William’s ultimate inspiration for his 11th…

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William’s Lego Batman 10th

Anya’s 12: Edgar Allan Poe


Bringing the Book of Life Party to Life

Here are the photo galleries that show the work that went into the crafting Anya’s Book of Life Party. Hit play on the video for a song and check out the images!   Manolo’s Guitar Music played such a huge part in this movie, we wanted to feature Manolo’s guitar (and his less-often-seen ukulele). [Best_Wordpress_Gallery…

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Anya’s 11th Birthday: Crafting a Book of Life Party

Back in April, Anya and I started making some sugar skulls, figuring they would have an easier time drying in the warm Seattle summer than in the gray fall. My husband dutifully took photos of us making the sugar skulls. Said pictures, however, are now nowhere to be found. Instead, he made this picture of…

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William’s 9th Star Wars Birthday

William turned nine over the weekend, and gave me the warm fuzzies all over by asking for a Star Wars party. Like-minded fans will please note that the original series and the latest The Force Awakens movie are represented – there’s even a grudging Darth Maul, but always with a clear lack of Jar Jar.…

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Fear the Baking Dead

When EA asked if for his 13th birthday this year, he and his friends could film a “trailer” for a fictional zombie movie, I thought it was an awesome idea. They’ve been learning to do techie things in Tech class, and godbless’em, they can out-tech me any day. When the time came to start planning…

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Crafting the Perfect Harry Potter Party

So, Anya had her birthday this past weekend. Let me say that again: My baby is ten years old. *brushing away a tiny tear* Being Anya, she (of course!) has been planning her Harry Potter-themed bash for the last couple of years, and had tons of energy for crafting. Which was lovely, because with the…

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Superheroes and Villains and Skating for William’s 8th

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