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Breakfast Burritos

These are ridiculously versatile. The basic recipe I’m giving you here is scrambled eggs, cheese and black beans, but you could just as easily do just cheese and beans, or add diced cooked potatoes, or chorizo, or breakfast sausage, or bell peppers and onion (or even mushrooms, though those tend to change color when frozen),…

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Broccoli-Cheese Corndog Muffins

So, if we’re being truthful, these are nothing like your typical carnival dog. Because Mommy Guilt. Truly.     My kids freaking love corndogs – honestly, I could probably dip a hat in cornmuffin batter, and they’d devour it. These muffins deliver the taste, but I get to control the quality (and variety!) of the…

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Clear-Out-Your-Cupboard Snack Bars, and Women Who Love Them

I have three perpetually-hungry small people living in my home. At the same time, they’re less small now than they used to be (two of them are actually my size or larger now!), and boy-oh-boy do they EAT! So granola bars make up a big part of our daily lunch and snack routine. Trouble is,…

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