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Round Two Shopping List : Hand Pies, Four Times Over

  Remember that lovely tomato sauce we made last time? The one that was so good, and so convenient, and so easy, that the only reason why I didn’t title the post “Bootie-Call Sauce” was because I could just envision poor Marcella Hazan having a small stroke? Well, here’s where we get to use it.…

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Lunchers, Start Your Engines!

Okay, peeps! Shopping List has been out for a few days, and we’re ready for our first official Lunch-Making day (which, as I said before, will have less emphasis on actual cooking this time through, just to get you into the swing of things)! Remember, the purpose of this project is not really to give you…

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Freeze-Ahead Lunches, Round One: The Shopping List

Okay, guys, here we go! Our very first shopping list for our very first day of lunch prep! I’m getting rainbow-glitter-colored goosebumps just thinking about it (come to think of it, that’s probably pathological … gross). Download a PDF of the Shopping List here I mostly stuck with basic lighter-on-cooking and heavier-on-assembling recipes for this…

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Clear-Out-Your-Cupboard Snack Bars, and Women Who Love Them

I have three perpetually-hungry small people living in my home. At the same time, they’re less small now than they used to be (two of them are actually my size or larger now!), and boy-oh-boy do they EAT! So granola bars make up a big part of our daily lunch and snack routine. Trouble is,…

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Emi’s Pozole Rojo

For Broth 4 lb chicken 6 liters water 1 large bunch cilantro 2 onions, cut in half 8 cloves garlic 2 Tb salt 1 large can (6#8oz) hominy 2 dried chiles anchos 3 dried chiles guajillo enough boiling water to cover the dried chiles in a bowl (may weigh down with a glass bowl) 1/3…

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