Okay, peeps! Shopping List has been out for a few days, and we’re ready for our first official Lunch-Making day (which, as I said before, will have less emphasis on actual cooking this time through, just to get you into the swing of things)!

Remember, the purpose of this project is not really to give you recipes – many of these lunches, you’ve already had and/or made, and are super easy to figure out if you haven’t. The true goal of this series is to show you guys the workflow behind creating 100-200 lunch servings in one sitting, and to enable you to customize it to craft your own system, if that’s what you choose to do. So after you’ve shopped for ingredients, go to the Round One Worksheet. Please note Step 22, where I specifically instruct you to celebrate for having just assembled enough food to sustain a small army. If wine isn’t your thing, use apple juice. Just be sure to celebrate.

The Worksheet breaks down the flow of your Round 1 Cooking Day for you, letting you see an easy and practical way to make everything fit (and a suggestion or two for dinner with the items you’re already making. When you’re being a total Boss by making your entire household lunches for weeks to come, you really don’t need the added stress of dinnering).




I’ve already had a bunch of questions about reheating and packing the lunches for school, so you can expect a post in the coming weeks with snazzy pictures of all my food containers (I know, I know, be still my heart). Because, as we all know, the only thing better than a duck-face selfie, is a picture of Tupperware, amiright?

I’ll also review my favorite lunch boxes, thermoses, and other packing materials soon.

Alright! Comments? Questions? Duck-face selfies? Or pics of you celebrating your Step 22? You know what to do!