If you haven’t read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, we sincerely think you should.

It’s one of my favorites, and it’s one of Anya’s favorites (you know … because she has such great taste). Featuring a magical black-and-white circus, this book gave us plenty to work with for Anya’s 13th birthday this year.

The crafting started early – slow and gradual, as usual. But this time, Anya had the biggest hand in it to date – she spent weeks sewing tulle to give the ceiling a big-top look. She sewed all the curtains for our mini tents, and for the cake table, and put together a photo booth for her friends, in addition to helping with the usual treats. It was a blast.


  • A ticket booth, and a circus sign.
  • A few black “wood” placards with tiny silver details for our performers.
  • Floating cards.
  • An illusionist, and a tarot card reader.
  • Mini black-and-white tents.
  • A wishing tree, and little glass bottles with captured scents and memories.
  • Black candied apples, and chocolate popcorn.
  • Faux wrought iron gate.
  • Magical sugar cookies, and of course, cake.
  • A single red paper flower for each guest to pin on as “reveurs.”
  • And a wonderful bunch of kids who all dressed in their black-and-white best to join us in wishing Anya a happy birthday!

This video is from the night before the party … I hadn’t mounted the top tier yet, but Eric wanted to document how it looked with the low lighting.

Below are thumbnails from our crafting and from the party.

Special thanks to Morgan Fahey-Vornberg for the beautiful red paper flowers. Guys! She took time out of her busy doctor schedule, and made them all by hand. She then shipped them to us for the party, just because she’s awesome like that.

And check out the amazing sugar cookies by the amazing Priscilla Gupana from Sarmie Sister Sweets. Who also happens to be a pediatrician. Sheesh.