Okay, here we go with Round 2!

So by now, you’ve begun to realize that when it comes to lunches, I firmly believe in minimizing the pain by batching ingredients, cooking methods, or all of the above. 

Hand pies are a fabulous example. One dough recipe offers a million different filling possibilities. Their versatility is terrific. They can be served chilled or hot (important in a cafeteria setting), you can make them any size you choose, and they are great for emptying out fridges and pantries.

Do your kids love your BBQ chicken, but hate having to eat leftovers? Throw ’em in a hand pie and call it a day. Leftover pizza dough and a bag of frozen veggies in the freezer? Mix them up with some cream cheese and stuff a hand pie. Hell, you could throw some Nutella in one of those bad boys and call it a pop tart if you wanted to (more on how to deceive your children here).

Click Here to see my post on how to do gluten-free for this Round, and for tips on how to get your dough and your hand pies just right. Use the dumpling/dough press (wonder of wonders, this thing has increased my hand-pie productivity 500%).

As in Round 1, don’t skip straight to the recipes without first looking at this Round 2 Worksheet. I’ve already worked out the timing for all the steps so you can make all five recipes at once (toldja I loved you!), and that’s where the whole heart of this project is. Here are your lists and recipes, and a link back to that amazing tomato sauce we talked about last week … just in case you doubted you’d really use it, oh-doubter-of-sauces!

Download Round Two Shopping List

Download Round Two Worksheet


Reminder about equipment …

You will definitely need:

You don’t necessarily need this, but I almost named one of my children after it because I love mine so much:

If making your own dough, I would *strongly* recommend:

  • Standing Mixer (smaller mixers are fine for one batch, my 7 QT mixer is great for the double batch)
  • Very large bowls with lids
  • Dough press / dumpling molds (either the one piece, or a set so you can play with different sizes)

And for this week’s snacks:

Questions? Comments? Stories about how you deceived your children? You know where I live!