So, Anya had her birthday this past weekend.

Let me say that again: My baby is ten years old. *brushing away a tiny tear*

Being Anya, she (of course!) has been planning her Harry Potter-themed bash for the last couple of years, and had tons of energy for crafting.

Which was lovely, because with the fourteen million ideas we had, we needed all the hands we could get!

Basically, anything I could do, she could do at least as well. Paper maché owl? No big deal, she made a more colorful one. Wand painting?

Pffttt, you should see the colors she used on hers (dry-brushing, wet-washing, layering colors, whatever!). Spell book? She made hers with air-dry clay, so she could add a face. Yes. A face.

Of course, the boys got in on the fun with all the painting and assembling there was to do, and Eric made his usual fabulous signs and labels, so everybody was eventually put to work.

So, without further ado, here’s what our HP world looked like, starting with a video of the cake painting!

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