Anya’s 11th Birthday: Crafting a Book of Life Party

Back in April, Anya and I started making some sugar skulls, figuring they would have an easier time drying in the warm Seattle summer than in the gray fall.

My husband dutifully took photos of us making the sugar skulls. Said pictures, however, are now nowhere to be found.

Instead, he made this picture of sugar. And a skull.




Yeah … that’s not going to cut it.


At any rate, crafting for Anya’s 2016 Book of Life party (look up the movie if you haven’t seen it yet, so lovely!) is fully underway. We’ve been decorating the skulls, and making a million and two crepe paper flowers. So. Many. Flowers.


















Posted on September 3, 2016 in Birthday Parties, Birthday Party, caking, Crafting

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