When EA asked if for his 13th birthday this year, he and his friends could film a “trailer” for a fictional zombie movie, I thought it was an awesome idea. They’ve been learning to do techie things in Tech class, and godbless’em, they can out-tech me any day.

When the time came to start planning his cake, it was a fine line to walk. “Nothing too cutesy, Mom” – that, of course, ruled out anything remotely smacking of Plants vs Zombies, or similarly brightly-lit, clean-lined possibilities. Okay, fine … but also, “no rotting corpses either, Mom. I want people to want to eat the cake, please.”

Well, hmmmph.

Over the next few months (yes, I said “months” – don’t judge me!) I managed to get the line burred a little more, to allow the following design, minus the blacked-out area to the right of the drawing:


Then, a couple of weeks before the party, I got a final go ahead to insert the blacked-out part, and to make it as gory as I liked.

So! After reminding myself countless times that the cake was a cake, and NOT an anatomy lesson, I ended up with this:

DSC_0330 DSC_0333 DSC_0342 DSC_0347 DSC_0352

We had an amazing moulage artist (yep, it’s a thing!) come to the party, and transform the kids into zombies for us – total success! Final trailer and photos from the party still to come!