Hall of Glory, January 19, 2017: Reena, Tonya, Lennox



Hey girl, made the Baked Tofu dish tonight, and it was so full of flavor! It was both easier to make and lighter of a dish than I expected. Pleasant surprise! Thanks for dedicating some time to helping all of us out!  I used white sweet potatoes (that’s all they had at the store), so they don’t stand out as much. Delicious!





I am sharing an amazing meal of Broccoli Beef with my family thanks to another Instant Pot success. When we went around our table and shared the things we’re thankful for, my IP was near the top of my list!






That Cannellini Puttanesca is amazing!!! My husband ate ALL of the leftovers, or what would have been leftovers. And the 8 year old declared it “a keeper”. Thanks for sharing!
… I was planning on leftovers and was so happy that I was going to have something yummy for lunch today. It’s on the menu again for tomorrow. But I’m going to have to be fast or the pic will be of empty plates.


Posted on January 19, 2017 in Hall of Glory

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