Hall of Glory, August 18, 2016: Azra, Swarupa, Aubrey, Free, Priya and Sarah

AZRA K is a Freezy-Does-It Superstar! She shared these images throughout her Round One progress …

First, she printed the shopping list, worksheet and recipes …



Then over the course of cooking, she sent these images and we “cooked” together through Facebook! Loved it!





Here is the sauce that Swarupa Eskapalli made! She reported:

“Big hit with my picky 7 yr old. He loved the soup/ pasta ( I flavored it with garlic/ onion in olive oil and gave them as tomato soup😄

And made some pasta for dinner and froze some. Never did freezing before in my life😪

Can’t wait to work on lunches soon. Got my silicone pops in the mail today and I am going to pack ice cream ❤️ for my old one ( he doesn’t touch a fruit or vegetable but loves my vitamix smoothies with mystery ingredients).

Emi! Your blog is soo soo good and you are very funny and I thought about your blog and you so many times for the last 2 days. I am off this week and trying to gain as much knowledge as I can and you are “my super hero” and thanks a zillion to you (my big sister) for coming to my rescue.”



Looks awesome – thanks Swarupa!

Aubrey Tell posted these great images on Facebook, and helped me get set up on Instagram! Bravo, Aubrey, and thank you for your help!





Free N. Hess posted her picture with this comment:

“Tonight I used your recipe for the Broccoli-Cheese Corndog Muffins. I made about 60 of them. They were a HUGE hit with my 6 year old daughter AND my husband. I even brought some over to another PMGs house tonight as we had a play date. We all LOVE them. Thank you! You rock!!!”


Thanks Free!



 Priya Pillutla made wraps – looked great! Here are her comments:

In case anyone else was tempted by Emi Ponce de Souza‘s lunch system- I made the pesto wraps today! Half batch. Super easy and my daughter happily ate one off the tray before i had a chance to freeze it. Emi you are a genius. ❤️
Update – I ate a pesto wrap for lunch and it was delicious. Made apple chips (using a mandolin and oven set at 200 degrees, would do 250 next time) – they were surprisingly tasty and my kids ate the entire batch. Made the breakfast burritos! Looking forward to round 2!

Priya Pillutla Wraps1a



Be sure to check out Sarah Bohn’s practical and fabulous tips that she left in a comment on her Round One experience. She gave great tips for future users, sent these photos of her Apple Chip process. Thanks Sarah!






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