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Thank you so much for doing this! I am so grateful to have so many freezer lunches ready to go since I went from 2 to 5 kids overnight via foster care. Thanks so much for your blog, and hope you do more in the future. 


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I have LOVED these posts.  Thank you for sharing them with us!  (Are you seriously a NICU doc, in a band and a cake wizard? Super impressive.) 

…  I made both the corn-dog muffins the empanadas.  My kids DEVOURED the empanadas. Thank you! I added some sauteed onion to the empanada filling.  Tasted great.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise and experience with us!


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Today I spent four hours working on the food prep including using the spiralizer, dehydrator, and food processor all for the first time, which as you know, takes extra time.  Then, I had my baby’s 3rd birthday party.  That’s a lot of stuff in one day but one thing is for certain….with cooking great healthy meals for my school-aged son AND doing a b-day party for my little one, I felt like a BOSS!  Thank you for helping me to feel like a boss today!  Some days I feel like I’m doing everything great and some days I don’t feel like I’m doing a great job of balancing.  Thank you for helping me to add another day of feeling accomplished! I’m excited that I now know how to use all of my new stuff and I know everything will go much more quickly next time now that I know what I am doing with these machines!


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I admit, I have a lot of freezer space. I live with four adult-sized appetites, and one healthy child-sized one, and I tend to freeze and pack 20 weeks’ worth of food for all the kids at a time. Plus, once upon a time, I used to do this regularly for dinners as well as lunches.

So, I have a freezer upstairs for regularly-used items, then a downstairs freezer for frozen lunches, and a separate chest freezer for when I’m feeling particularly go-getter-y (or for when I make Thanksgiving meals ahead of time because I have the stupid schedule). I call the chest freezer my Sexy Beast, and I make my hubby apologize to it if he doesn’t treat it with an appropriate level of tenderness.

The FDA does specifically say that a closed, full freezer will maintain its temperature for 48 hrs without power (a half-full one will maintain it for 24 hrs), so food does not need to be thawed or refrigerate or transferred anywhere, as long as you kee the doors closed. So even if your power goes out Saturday, your lovingly-prepared lunches should be safe till Monday when the repair guy comes! Just sayin’ …

Now, you certainly don’t have to have this. We’re going to work on how to maximize your packing strategies in order to best use your space, and we’re going to use flash freezing and labeling techniques that make my heart skip more than Ryan Gosling (who, for the record, has NOTHING on vacuum sealing). But you should plan on being able to fit two jelly roll pans or large cookie sheets into your freezer at once at any given time during your prepping. If you can’t do that, it may be worth it for you to take a look at getting yourself a separate freezer – not necessarily your own Sexy Beast, but maybe something a bit smaller and inconspicuous, that can still guard your hard work (and only cost you an extra $0.75 or so per lunch if you hold 4 months’ worth of meals for one person in it, right?).

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Check out my feedback on how to pack the lunches, with reviews and discussion on cold foods, hot foods, beverages and lunchboxes! But if you don’t think you can take another second of wading through my never-ending drivel, and just want to cut to the chase to know what my absolute preferences are, here’s the short list:

  1. For hot foods, Funtainer Food Jar or Stanley Food Jar (sorry, you do need to make this decision yourself based on the details).
  2. For the rest of your lunch, and cold entrees, EasyLunchboxes system: containers, lunchbox, and mini dippers. Close second: PlanetBox.
  3. Funtainer water bottles (Doc McStuffin, Wonder Woman).

Sometimes, I come across good deals and want to share them, but I don’t want to send you unwanted emails. If you’d like me to email you when I find something really good (like the Instant Pot that went on sale last week for $69.99) you can sign up for those emails here. These would probably be once or twice a month.

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